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PH Adjustment System

Pictured is a Walchem EK series (water proof) metering pump and pH controller integrated into a pH adjustment system.  This system adjusts the pH of tanker truck cleaning wastewater using sulfuric acid.  The typical pH of the wastewater can be as high as 13 as a result of the caustic cleaning process.  This wastewater is trucked to a sister facility for treatment, but must undergo pH adjustment prior to transport to insure that it is not characteristically hazardous.

Walchem pH controllers and EK series metering pumps are available from Blue Sphere Water Technology as both stand alone equipment items or part of a larger engineered system.

Walchem ORP Controller Application

Blue Sphere recently completed a project utilizing ozone gas for disinfection of septic waste at a large industrial cable producer.

The system utilized a Walchem ORP controller, upgraded with an 4-20ma output card to ramp the ozone generators up and down to meet demand.  The Walchem controller output was tied to a custom control panel which included a PLC.  The ORP controller is mounted outdoors at the point of ORP measurement for simple calibration.

Walchem ORP controllers and ozone gas systems are available from Blue Sphere Water Technology for waste water and process water applications.

Walchem WPH Series Controller


Walchem PH Controllers

Walchem WPH and WDP series PH controllers represent a superior degree of value and performance in the industrial wastewater pre-treatment market.  These devices can be outfitted with relays, digital pulse outputs and further upgraded to feature analog outputs.  This allows for process control by the device or interface with a wider PLC based control system.  Walchem pH controllers also feature an integrated data log function.

With dozens of field installations in place and operational over the last several years, Blue Sphere holds the hardware in high regard.  The NEMA 4X enclosures hold up well in harsh industrial environments.  The probes have found to have a functional life-span of around one year if properly maintained and the replacement cost is low.

The pictured unit is mounted to a custom, 304SS back plate for easy interface and mounting directly to the reaction tank of a dissolved air flotation unit.  For more information on Walchem pH controllers or to purchase a controller visit the online store.


Flow Proportional Chemical Dosage System Featuring a Walchem EW Series Metering Pump

This flow proportional chemical delivery system was designed for feed of cooling tower corrosion inhibitor. It will be installed into a 4″ make-up water line which supplies a bank of four large evaporative condensers. The insertion paddle wheel flow meter and transmitter will provide an analog control signal to an EW Series Walchem metering pump, outfitted with a Y control module.  This system is available from

The Walchem IX Series Metering Pump

The Walchem IX series metering pump is the newest pump series in the product line.  It has many standard features and configuration options.  The most unique feature however is the ability of the pump to run directly off of a Profibus input.  This makes the IX pump stand out as a strong choice for highly automated systems which already utilize this protocol.  If interested in an IX series metering pump, please contact Blue Sphere.

Chemical Injection and Foot Valves Integrated Into Online Store

Replacement injection and foot valves have been added to the Blue Sphere Water Technology online market place.  These products are available in the same, convenient, option based selection and costing format as other Walchem products.

Chemical injection valves are utilized to provide back pressure on a pump, preventing chemical product form siphoning into the process.  Additionally they function as a check valve.  This prevents process fluids from flowing back into the chemical pump.

Chemical foot valves are utilized to prevent pump suction lines from draining when the pump is not operational.  The Walchem foot vales incorporate a debris screen and an internal check valve.  These valves prevent chemical pumps from loosing prime.

Both products are available in a range of materials.  A link to the chemical compatibility guide for Walchem products is included in each product description.

Purchase injection and foot valves here. 

High Capacity Chemical Metering Pumps for Third Party Water Treatment Facilities

Motor Driven Chemical Metering Pump

Pictured is a Walchem LK Series motor driven metering pump recently installed in the field by Blue Sphere Water Technology.  This pump delivers up to 55 gallons per hour (GPH) of aluminum sulfate to a dissolved air floatation based wastewater treatment system. We believe the LK series is the best large volume dosage pump on the market for its excessively rugged design.

This Walchem pump has been installed for a Third Party Water Treatment Facility.  A Third Party Treatment Facility is a company which has the core business of chemically treating difficult wastewater streams, which other companies ship to them.  The profitability of the operation depends upon consistent and reliable product addition. 

Chemical Feed Accessories

Blue Sphere Water Technology has integrated a complete series of calibration columns into the online marketplace.  These products are ideal for use along side of WALCHEM metering pumps for chemical product addition to water and wastewater treatment processes.

Calibration columns quickly pay for themselves quickly in saved operator trouble shooting time.

Calibration columns are a simple and practical physical means for an operator to verify the rate of chemical product addition.  Using a stop watch, an operator can simply draw product out to the column for one minute and use the graduations along the side of the calibration column to determine how many ml/min of product are being added.  This figure can be compared to the rated output of the metering pump for the same given time frame.  If there is a dramatic difference in the two figures, then the operator knows there is a problem with the metering pump.

View the complete selection of Calibration Columns.

The Premier Online Retailer of Walchem Pumps and Process Controllers

Iwaki motor driven chemical metering pump

Interested in purchasing Walchem (Iwaki) brand chemical dosing pumps or controllers?  You have found the right site.  The online market place of Blue Sphere Water Technology has a comprehensive listing of Walchem brand equipment.  The user friendly interface allows you to build product numbers and generate a cost for your pump or controller within moments.  No waiting for a sales person!   The listed models are field proven and trusted by over ten years of application experience selling, commissioning and servicing Walchem equipment.

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