Chemical Feed Accessories

Blue Sphere Water Technology has integrated a complete series of calibration columns into the online marketplace.  These products are ideal for use along side of WALCHEM metering pumps for chemical product addition to water and wastewater treatment processes.

Calibration columns quickly pay for themselves quickly in saved operator trouble shooting time.

Calibration columns are a simple and practical physical means for an operator to verify the rate of chemical product addition.  Using a stop watch, an operator can simply draw product out to the column for one minute and use the graduations along the side of the calibration column to determine how many ml/min of product are being added.  This figure can be compared to the rated output of the metering pump for the same given time frame.  If there is a dramatic difference in the two figures, then the operator knows there is a problem with the metering pump.

View the complete selection of Calibration Columns.

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