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Iwaki motor driven chemical metering pump

Interested in purchasing Walchem (Iwaki) brand chemical dosing pumps or controllers?  You have found the right site.  The online market place of Blue Sphere Water Technology has a comprehensive listing of Walchem brand equipment.  The user friendly interface allows you to build product numbers and generate a cost for your pump or controller within moments.  No waiting for a sales person!   The listed models are field proven and trusted by over ten years of application experience selling, commissioning and servicing Walchem equipment.

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For boiler TDS and cooling tower TDS control the Walchem conductivity controllers offer significant value.  The integrity of the controller housing, its cover, hinges and latching mechanism are superior to other brands.  Blue Sphere also endorses the Walchem 400 series pH controllers and has many operational units in the field.


For harsh duty chemical feed applications in the paper, power generation or other large chemical usage markets, the LK series motor driven metering pump is the workhorse of the Walchem product line.  These pumps are built to a rugged specification.  The water proof EK series by Walchem is another proven performer.  The EK series pump is for lighter duty applications and has maximum volume range of 6.7GPH.  However, the housing is waterproof, making the EK Series pumps ideal for outdoor or highly moist environments.  The Walchem HV series metering pump is available with capacity up to 4GPH and is able to apply highly viscous water treatment product such as Polyepiamine and PolyDADMAC right out of the drum.

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Walchem pumps and controllers ship in approximately two weeks from the factory.

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