Walchem PH Controllers

Walchem WPH and WDP series PH controllers represent a superior degree of value and performance in the industrial wastewater pre-treatment market.  These devices can be outfitted with relays, digital pulse outputs and further upgraded to feature analog outputs.  This allows for process control by the device or interface with a wider PLC based control system.  Walchem pH controllers also feature an integrated data log function.

With dozens of field installations in place and operational over the last several years, Blue Sphere holds the hardware in high regard.  The NEMA 4X enclosures hold up well in harsh industrial environments.  The probes have found to have a functional life-span of around one year if properly maintained and the replacement cost is low.

The pictured unit is mounted to a custom, 304SS back plate for easy interface and mounting directly to the reaction tank of a dissolved air flotation unit.  For more information on Walchem pH controllers or to purchase a controller visit the online store.


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